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How To Take A Shot of Tequila

How To Take A Shot Of Tequila In 9 Steps

1: Pick your poison. Keep in mind, the higher the quality, the more it is made for sipping, not shooting.
2: Prepare your shot and chaser. Tequila goes into shot glass. Chasers are usually a lemon or lime wedge. Salt placed on standby.
3: Lick the part of your hand where your thumb and pointing finger meet. Follow that up by pouring salt where you just licked.
4: Hold your lemon/lime wedge in the same hand that now has a salty patch on it. (Things are about to starting picking up…)
5: Lick the salt off your hand.
6: Quickly follow that up by downing the shot of tequila in one shot.
7: Quickly follow that up by sucking on the lemon/lime wedge.
8: Make that “gasping" sound as if you just did something difficult.
9: Enjoy the rest of your evening.