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Heineken Light is a well balanced light beer with a bright, golden color, with a mild malty aroma and striking citrus, hop aroma from the Cascade hops. Medium body, crisp, clean refreshing aftertaste, with only 99 kcal per bottle. Heineken® Light has been recognized as the best-tasting light two years in a row at the World Beer Championships.

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Drizly Expert Notes

Heineken Light is ready to join you as you adventure through summer picnics or late nights with your friends. This European beer has reimagined what it means to be a light lager. Battling the watery flavor of many light beers, malted barley is used in place of other adjuncts like rice or corn to create a richer body. And in a move contrary to nearly all light beers, the master brewers at Heineken employ the use of Cascade hops brought in all the way from Washington State for a legitimate hop flavor that isn't going to hide amongst the malts. It has been the winner of the World Beer Championship's Best Tasting Light Beer three times, which is no surprise at all once you understand all that goes into this beer.

Pouring a crystal clear straw yellow out of its trademark green bottle, it's a beer that can light up any situation. The nose is rich with cereal grains, lightly toasted French bread, and just a hint of those resinous, citrusy hops from the Pacific Northwest. The flavor is smooth and rich, but most definitely light and easy to drink. The carbonation is lively, cutting the sweetness of the beer and accentuating the flavor of the piney hops. The alcohol content is low at just 3.3% which makes this beer supremely refreshing.

Heineken Light is a beer ready to light the party up. Share a pack of bottles or cans with your buddies at the next afternoon get together, throw a few on ice and turn up the tunes, don't worry so much about feeling heavy as this beer is perfectly light. Pair it with light foods like a fresh springtime salad or grilled prawns.



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