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Grey Goose Honey Deuce 

Grey Goose Honey Deuce 

Grey Goose Honey Deuce 

  • cocktails
  • vodka
  • Level: Medium
  • Prep: 15 minutes 
Created to embody the spirit of great tennis championships with a blend of fresh flavors and the pure, smooth nature of GREY GOOSE® Vodka.



  • Ice cube tray
  • Collins glass

How to Mix

  1. Chill a Collins glass by placing in the refrigerator or freezer or by filling with ice water for 5 minutes. 
  2. When sufficiently chilled, fill with ice. 
  3. measure and add vodka to Collins glass. 
  4. Top with measured amount of fresh lemonade. 
  5. Measure and add raspberry liqueur. 
  6. Garnish with skewer of 1 or multiple frozen honeydew melon balls. 
  7. Note, to prepare melon balls, place honeydew melon in the freezer until firm, then use a melon baller to create balls. 

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