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Gin Drinks

Gin Cocktails

Gin is a key component in many bespoke and pre-prohibition cocktails. Think fancy lounges and cocktail coupe lounges. Gin has a complex flavor that can go either sweet or savory when being mixed. By American standards, Gin is a spirit no less than 40% ABV and must contain the flavor of Juniper Berries as a main characteristic. Like many drinks we enjoy today, the classic Gin and Tonic was originally concocted for medicinal use. This combination of bitter tonic water, and floral Gin is still one of the most popular Gin drinks enjoyed today. Want to mix up this classic tonight? Go for a London Dry Gin like Tanqueray. Looking for a Gin with a more unique flavor profile? Try Hendricks Gin which is distilled then mixed with the essence of rose and cucumber. When it comes to Gin drinks we suggest trying different gins to get the flavor profiles you enjoy most - no two gins are the same!

Featured Gin Styles

Featured Gin Recipes

Gin and Juice

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As the name Gin and Juice would suggest, this simple cocktail only contains two ingredients. No multi-step process here, just mix, enjoy and stay "laid back...sippin on gin and juice".

Peach Basil Gin & Tonic

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There is something so crisp and delicious about a classic Gin & Tonic and this little twist takes this classic to an entirely new level. It’s like the best flavors of summer decided to get together and have a pool party…but the pool is gin…and it’s amazing.

Gin and Tonic

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The history of this drink dates back to the British occupancy of India. Soldiers were given quinine to fight malaria. The taste of the medicine on its own was not palatable so soldiers would commonly mix it with sugar, water, and some of their gin ration. The classic cocktail was born. A refreshing and light flavored drink, it's still one of the world's most common and popular cocktails.

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