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Flaming Dr. Pepper

Flaming Dr. Pepper

Flaming Dr. Pepper

  • rum
  • shot
  • beer
  • liqueur
  • Level: Medium
  • Prep: 2 min
The Flaming Dr. Pepper shot tastes just like the soda but combines the extra thrill of fire brought to you by the 151 proof rum floated on top of this shot. It's quite strong due to the rum so we don't suggest tipping back more than 1 of these a night.



  • Jigger
  • Shot glass

How to Mix

  1. Fill a shot glass with Amaretto liqueur and top with 1/4 oz of 151 proof rum
  2. Put the shot glass into an empty pint glass then fill around the shot glass up to the rim with light beer
  3. Light the rum on fire with a lighter or match
  4. Blow out the flame and shoot back the drink