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The Ultimate Bloody Mary Recipe Roundup

The Bloody Mary is a staple in any adult brunch. Who knew that the simple combination of Bloody Mary Mix and vodka could make any old Sunday the greatest day of the week. Whether it's a classic, down to earth version or a crazy garnish-wielding treat, they all have one thing in common - they're pretty damn delicious. And what better way to pay homage to this brunch favorite than with the ultimate collection of recipes from around the internet? (Spoiler alert: There is no better way.)

Mezcal Tequila Bloody Mary

"This recipe is not your classic style Bloody Mary. Instead I take some inspiration from south of the border, by adding a smokey tequila, mezcal. I not only am giving you a mezcal twist so that you get a nice smokey flavor with your drink but I'm also adding gochujang."

- Sam, North Dixie Kitchen

Recipe by Honestly Yum

Green Monster Bloody Mary

"Instead of going the tomato route, I went with tomatillos + some other green goodies for this outlandish brunch concoction. The result is a bright, vegetal, peppery blend that just begs for a little vodka. And of course, don't forget the garnishes! I admit I went a little over-the-top, siding for a couple crispy carnitas tacos, elote, grilled shrimp, avocado, and even chicharrones. "

- Todd, Honestly Yum

Golden Beet & Tomato Bloody Mary

"Made with golden beets, yellow heirloom tomatoes, vodka, and all the fixings, these beautiful Bloody Mary's are delicious, and just what your next brunch party calls for."

- Jessica, The Forked Spoon

Old Bay Bloody Mary

"This Bloody Mary is made from scratch from a mix of vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire and horseradish and loaded with add-ons like celery, a snow crab claw and candied bacon. The resulting cocktail isn't overly thick, since you don't want to feel like you're drinking a sauce, and it has just the right amount of spice from a combination of horseradish and hot sauce."

- Kylie, Cooking with Cocktail Rings

Wasabi Bloody Mary

"For me the spicier the better and this Wasabi Bloody Mary delivers. I do love the standard horseradish variety, no complaints. However the addition of wasabi makes this Blood Mary something special. It elevates the heat and spice profile and gives a unique yet complimentary flavor pairing to the traditional ingredients. I feel more satisfied after drinking one and if you're like me, you'll want another!!"

- Stacey, The Sugar Coated Kitchen

Recipe by A Fork's Tale

Bloody Mary with Infused Vodka

"This recipe is made with an assortment of flavorful vegetables and herbs that will make your next Bloody Mary the most awesome one ever!"

- Katie, A Fork's Tale

Recipe by Salty Canary

Watermelon Habanero Bloody Mary

"Perfect for summer and perfectly refreshing with the pureed watermelon juice but packing a lot of flavor with the hot sauce! Plus, they are perfect for a Sunday morning after a long Saturday night of Korean BBQ and Karaoke singing. Not that I would know first hand or anything…"

- Andrea, Salty Canary

Green Bloody Mary

"I topped this one with bacon, pickles, a huge cube of white cheddar, an olive, a piece of shrimp, a sport pepper and a slice of jalapeno (to really pack a punch). The spicier the better!"

- Corri, Glitter and Bubbles

Bloody Mary with Dill Pickle Vodka

"Infusing vodka is a fun and easy DIY project that only takes a few days. For an especially briny and flavorful Bloody Mary, I like to infuse vodka with pickle brine — yes, pickle brine."

- Emily, West of the Loop

Recipe by Turnip the Oven

Fresh Tomato Bloody Mary

"If you are a fan of make-ahead brunch dishes (and who isn't?), here is some good news: this fresh tomato bloody mary recipe get better with age...I like to make my bloody marys with lime juice, but this recipe will work with lemon juice too, if you prefer. I encourage you to get creative with your garnishes! Pickle spears, poached shrimp, olives, radishes, or hard boiled eggs would all be fun."

- Lucy, Turnip the Oven

Chavela (Mexican Bloody Mary)

"This drink is a fun twist on a bloody mary. Filled with beer and other delicious flavors. You and your guests will love it."

- Cyndi, My Kitchen Craze

Recipe by Cake 'N Knife

Spicy Green Bloody Mary

"A Spicy Green Bloody Mary is a tangy twist on the classic brunch cocktail with just the right amount of heat. The tomatillo, yellow tomato and cucumber base for the Bloody Mary mix is refreshing and light, so you can cure whatever hangover you might be plagued with – or just make your weekend brunch that much better!"

- Meghan, Cake 'N Knife

Spicy Bloody Mary Gazpacho & Shrimp Shooters

"These Spicy Bloody Mary Gazpacho & Shrimp Shooters are the ultimate way to do Sunday brunch! Filled with all the traditional gazpacho ingredients, plus everything you love about a bloody mary and topped with a succulent shrimp, these shooters are sure to wow!"

- Cheyanne, No Spoon Necessary

Recipe by Honey and Birch

Bloody Margarita

"The bloody margarita combines the best parts of a bloody mary and margarita into one cocktail – perfect for a fun Sunday brunch, fiestas, and of course, Cinco de Mayo."

- Jenny, Honey and Birch

Recipe by Kitchen Swagger

Classic Bloody Mary

"Is there a better brunch cocktail than the bloody mary? This is an easy and delicious standard bloody mary recipe just waiting to be garnished."

- Shawn, Kitchen Swagger

Manhattan Dirty Bloody Mary Martini

"Didn't think a Bloody Mary could get any better? Make it a dirty! This cocktail includes olive juice to add a little kick to the classic Bloody Mary. Go wild with the garnish to really impress your guests."

- Sues, We Are Not Martha

Spicy Southwest Bloody Mary

"I will confess I have used V8 for years as the base of my Bloody Mary mix. I like to make my own concoction, it gives you control over what ingredients go into it. It is a healthy substitute for pre-made mixes… plus you can make it as spicy as you like!"

- Loriann, Thyme for Cocktails

Candied Bacon Bourbon Bloody Mary

"A little sweet, a little spice and a little bourbon. Just the winning combination you need for the perfect bloody mary."

- Susan, Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

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