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All about bar mixers

All about bar mixers

A well-stocked home bar needs its share of not just liquors, but also bar mixers, syrups and sweeteners, soda and sparkling beverages and more. Mixers add flavor, sweetness and fizz to your cocktail recipes, and help you round off various liquors to create delicious cocktails. They usually feature flavoring agents such as fruit juice with a sweetener and don't contain any alcohol. Ready-to-use drink mixers make it incredibly easy to stir up big batches of cocktails, proving to be especially useful when you have a large number of guests at your party. The mixers save precious time and effort so you don't have to spend time juicing fruits and making syrup at home. With a ready-to-use mix, you simply need to cork open the bottle, pour the contents and add in liquors of your choice to create classic or novel party drinks.

Cocktail recipes using ready-made mixers

The margarita is perhaps America's most loved cocktail. What better way to feed thirsty guests than by stirring up a large pitcher of this classic Mexican drink? With a margarita mix, making this famed cocktail is as easy as just adding tequila to the mix and serving it! Several unique flavor combinations are available within margarita mixers. For the classic version, opt for a lime-flavored mix. If you're in the mood to add an interesting touch to your margarita, try a sweet and sour mixer or a fruit-infused variety.

Wow your guests at a Hawaiian-themed party with tropical-themed piña coladas. But, don't stress over sourcing fresh coconut milk or cream of coconut to make this delicious drink. A piña colada mixer does the hard work for you - just add rum. If you like to host brunch gatherings, keep Bloody Mary mixer and vodka on hand so you're always prepared without having to shop for tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and horseradish.

Setting up a home bar is all about finding and stocking liquors and other add-ins that cater to your palate and lifestyle. Find everything you need by searching for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.