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All about garnishes

Why use cocktail garnishes?

You may think it's difficult to improve on a drink that already tastes delicious, but the addition of garnishes to cocktails and mixed drinks upgrades their character and style. Drinks often look and taste better with fresh fruit and produce to enhance flavor and add a touch of flair. Drink trimmings like fresh citrus fruit, berries and sprigs of mint complement a cocktail's flavors and arouse the senses while you're sipping the beverage. A quick rub of citrus peel on the rim of the glass is a great way to bring out a drink's aromas and taste. Creating a margarita? Dip the rim in salt after rubbing with lemon or lime peel to contrast the bitterness. Juicy red fruit like cherries and berries go well with drinks of a darker hue as they add a bright dazzle. Slip a couple of martini onions or cocktail olives into your guest's beverages for a pro look and taste.

Edible accents for cocktails

Trim your drinks with fresh fruits, onions or stuffed olives for a fashionable cocktail, and savor the taste of the additions after they've soaked up the drink's flavors. Olives stuffed with jalapenos, almonds or blue cheese jazz up classic cocktails. For more variety and flavor, try ones marinated in gin, vermouth or vodka. Indulge your sweet tooth with maraschino cherries in fruity and frozen cocktails or those with a touch of chocolate flavor.

Top off cocktails to intensify flavors

Complement flavors and add a decorative trim to cocktail glasses with garnishes. A citrus wedge on the rim of the glass of sweet drinks or those made with lemon-lime soda satisfies the taste buds. For drinks like martinis, add one or two olives or onions to lend a bit of savory flavor.

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