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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Food & Snacks

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    All about food & snacks

    Breakfast food and snacks like granola, oatmeal and potato chips provide you with significant energy levels to kick-start your day on those mornings you have to rush out the door without breakfast. Meanwhile, canned meals and soup are quick meals to make so you can get back to work, projects or having fun.

    Fresh groceries for nutrients

    Add fresh groceries to the available stock of food and snacks for extra nutrients. They serve as an alternative snack to health-conscious individuals. Tasty groceries to consider include cream cheese, muffins and bagels. Meanwhile, dairy snacks like yogurt are a good source of protein and calcium minerals for stronger bones and improved perseverance for energy-consuming tasks. Nutritional snacks can serve for breakfast or the midday break.

    Ready to eat vs. raw snacks

    Ready-to-eat nuts and snack mixes are in edible forms, so they need no extra preparation. They save cooking time, providing you with extra time to focus on other activities. Raw food and snacks require minimal cooking before serving. They allow for the addition of seasoning and spices to adjust the taste according to your preferences.

    Food and snacks for people with dietary restrictions

    Sugar-free crunchy snacks have limited sugar levels but are rich in fiber to provide energy without compromising health. Gluten-free food and snacks are also available for individuals with related health conditions. Consider vegan meals that are free of animal products for family members with animal product-related allergies. The familiar ingredient to look out for is gelatin, a common animal byproduct of many sweets and snacks.

    Consider chewy or crunchy snacks

    Chewy snack bars are rich in fiber and range from the meat jerkies packed with energy nutrients to candy that helps keep the mouth fresh. Crunchy snacks like potato chips and nuts provide quick energy rejuvenation until it's time for lunch or dinner.

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