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All about ginger beer

What is ginger beer?

A pivotal piece of many cocktail recipes - ginger beer is the ingredient that everyone needs and loves. With a similar fresh ginger taste and bubbly feel to ginger ale but with a little something extra, this beer's origins date back as far as the 18th century. Yorkshire, England believed to be its birthplace. Ginger beer is a lively drink with no alcohol that serves well as a standalone beverage or as a base for mixed drinks and cocktails. The blend of ginger, water and sugar boasts a spicy, aromatic flavor with sweet notes and refreshing effervescence that brings drinks alive. It undergoes yeast fermentation before the addition of carbonation to produce a flavorful beer with everlasting fizz and the fresh taste of ginger.

Cocktail and mixed drinks

Combine this spicy beer with liquors, juices, syrups, sodas and sparkling beverages to come up with refreshing party drinks. With its mellow ginger flavor and sweet notes, ginger beer is often the perfect ingredient for any cocktail that needs a little fizz. It's the star ingredient in popular cocktails like the Moscow Mule and Mexican Mule (pick between vodka or tequila and you'll have one or the other) and the rum-based Dark and Stormy. Use as the base for refreshing cranberry cocktails served in an old-fashioned, ice-filled glass any time of year. Pair with tequila for delicious beverages served with a dash of lime juice on ice. Lemonade and summer go hand-in-hand with the addition of this aromatic beer to make refreshments like spiked lemonade with spicy notes of ginger for a fizzy party punch to make summer BBQ luncheons sparkle.

Cooking with ginger beer

This beer has more uses than just sipping and making drinks. Use in cooking pork and poultry dishes to jazz them up. Marinate meats in ginger beer to help tenderize them before grilling or baking. When mixed with the right blend of herbs and spices, the flavors and aromas of this beer give pork and poultry dishes a new life.

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Why is ginger beer served in copper?

Ginger beer isn't always served in copper but ginger beer cocktails like mules are typically served in copper. Copper is a superior thermal conductor so it responds to the temperature of what is inside. This is why copper mugs have been used this way for centuries - it maintains the temperature of your drink despite the warmth from your hand.

Is ginger beer real alcohol?

Despite the name, ginger beer does not have alcohol. It has a slightly bigger kick than its cousin ginger ale but both are n/a beverages, though there are some gingery hard sodas available.

Is ginger beer brewed like beer?

We can't speak for all ginger beers but true ginger beer is brewed like a beer and uses real ginger.