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All about ginger ale

What's ginger ale?

Need a cool refreshing drink while running errands? How about a drink that will help a stomach ache? Grab a can of ginger ale. A ginger-flavored soda with no alcohol, the drink features spicy notes of ginger with bubbly effervescence and mellow sweetness. Experts believe it originated in Ireland, but the most popular version of this ginger beverage comes from Canada. The Canadian dry style of this beverage has a lighter color with a subtler flavor of ginger, but more carbonation. A well-stocked home bar has many varieties of soda and sparkling beverages to lend your cocktails a sparkling touch.

Cocktail ideas with this popular drink

While great to enjoy on its own, this spiced soda is also a nice add-in agent that introduces a lively note to your cocktails. It goes well with a variety of liquors ranging from whiskey to vodka and is a good accompaniment to fruit-forward liquors as well. A classic combination is to add this sparkling beverage to a shot of vodka and serve over ice cubes, garnished with a lime wedge. For fans of whiskey who want to introduce a refreshing touch to this smooth and rich drink, pour blended scotch into a highball glass containing ice. Top with bubbly ginger ale, and you've created a drink that exudes the caramel notes of whiskey with the bracing freshness of the ginger beverage.

This sweet and spicy soda is also a hit with kids, and, if you're throwing a kids' party, it's the ideal ingredient to stir up fancy mocktails. In a large pitcher, muddle up fresh mint leaves, add peach or any sweet fruit syrup, top with ginger ale and crushed ice and serve. For the adults, a dash of bourbon is a great option.

A much-loved, non-alcoholic drink, this ginger-flavored beverage comes in various flavors such as blackberry, raspberry and green tea. For those seeking a low-calorie or sugar-free option, try diet ginger ale. Grab a can of your favorite brand by searching for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.