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All about diet soda

Diet soda in your bar

If you want to sip on your favorite soda but limit calories or sugar, swap out your regular soda for diet soda. A mix of carbonated water, artificial sweeteners and flavors, this soda contains virtually no sugar or calories. A couple of bottles of your favorite brand are a must-have in your home bar. Blend soda, sparkling water and seltzer, fruit juices, flavored syrups and liquors to create fun and fancy mocktails and cocktails for your next party.

Cocktail recipes using diet soda

Diet soda matches well with a variety of liquors, helping you create spritzy, refreshing cocktails. For a low-calorie drink, combine white cherry vodka with a splash of your favorite diet soda, then serve over crushed ice garnished with a red cherry for a lovely drink. Use your favorite cola brand to create a sweet dessert cocktail that'll lend a decadent ending to your meal. Combine premium chocolate liqueur with Irish cream, pour in a tall serving glass, add in the diet cola and top with crushed ice. If you enjoy a fruity twist to your cocktails, use lemon-lime-flavored diet soda to jazz up your drinks. Combine orange soda with premium whiskey for a refreshing spin on this smooth liquor. Malibu rum mixed with diet orange forms a delectable tropical cocktail that will lower your calorie count while enjoying a delicious drink.

Diet caffeine-free soda brands are a nice option if you're seeking to create non-alcoholic drinks. Whip them up with fruit juices and flavored syrups for drinks that are ideal for your kids' birthday party or a baby shower gathering.

Diet sodas help you create drinks without extra calories. Grab your favorite soda brand by shopping on Drizly, or see if we've made it to your city. Click these handy links to search for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.