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All about cream soda

What's a cream soda?

Featuring the taste of ice cream, cream soda is an intensely sweet drink with several variations worldwide. In the U.S., vanilla-flavored cream soda is the most popular, with vanilla giving the soda its creamy flavor. Most cream soda beverages are clear or light golden brown, although you'll also find several other colors including pink, orange or red.

Popular styles of this drink

Varieties with different colors usually mean a fruit flavor has been added. Orange-flavored cream soda is a refreshing beverage that blends the citrusy notes of orange with creamy vanilla flavors for a lovely drink. If you enjoy tangy notes, try berry-flavored varieties such as black cherry or blackberry.

Sparkling beverages differ from cream soda, as they're a low-calorie bubbly choice that's not as sweet. A blend of carbonated water with very little quinine, tonic water is available in delicious fruity flavors including lime and lemon.

Cocktail recipes

For cocktail fans, this sweet-tasting drink is a nice mix-in ingredient that adds a creamy touch to your cocktails. Blend it with your favorite vodka or light rum for a refreshing summer cocktail. For a comforting cocktail to warm you up on a cool fall evening, mix a vanilla variety with spiced rum and Irish cream for a smooth, delicious drink.

Use this creamy concoction to create non-alcoholic cocktails for everyone in the family to enjoy. Get creative and use your favorite flavored syrups, sparkling juices and soda along with A&W® Cream Soda to come up with fun and fancy drinks for your next party.

Serving cream sodas

Serve cream sodas in a tall glasses to accommodate the froth and fizz of this carbonated drink. Enjoy topped with crushed ice for a refreshing beverage that's an ideal thirst-quencher on a hot summer day. Fresh fruits such as cherries, raspberries, pineapple or peach slices often garnish the glass.

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