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About San Pellegrino

Nothing screams classy like a bottle of San Pellegrino. Pulled from aquifers that flow from the Italian Alps in the eponymous town, San Pellegrino is so refreshing and world-renowned that it's existed for more than 600 years in some form, although it wasn't bottled until 1899. On average, the water flows underground for 30 years, picking up magnesium, calcium and other minerals along the way. Workers pull the water from the aquifer, put it in a bottle, add the sparkling carbonation and call it a day. Because of San Pellegrino's history, flavor, health benefits and opulent feel, it's synonymous with high society. Heck, everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to Pavarotti has partaken of this sparkling mineral water. You might not be able to paint a masterpiece or hit a high C note, but San Pellegrino will at least make you feel like you're on the cusp. San Pellegrino's sparkling water is the O.G., but if you insist on added flavor, the Italians have your back. Choose from seven other flavors, such as the limonata (lemon) or the intriguing ficodindia e arancia (prickly pear and orange) for a fruity taste explosion.