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Coconut water for a different taste

Found inside the shell of the coconut, coconut water is an extremely healthy drink rich in potassium and electrolytes. While coconut milk and cream of coconut often feature in famed cocktails like piña colada, coconut water is a healthier alternative. Stocking your home bar with coconut juice can help you whip up refreshing cocktails that'll put a tropical spin on your party drinks.

Cocktail recipes using this juice

As the weather gets warmer, you'll be spending more time outdoors lazing around the pool or hosting brunch or barbecue parties in your backyard. With more outdoor activities comes more sweat, and that's when you need to stay well-hydrated. Step up your hydration game by stirring up fun cocktails infused with this tropical juice. With its nutty flavor and smooth texture, this juice adds a mildly sweet and refreshing taste to your party drinks. We've pulled together fancy cocktail ideas that will keep you feeling cool and refreshed all summer long.

Blend Champagne with coconut water and add a splash of pineapple or orange juice for a stunning drink that brings sparkle to your gathering. Pour into flute glasses, top with sparkling wine and serve topped with fresh pineapple slices.

Summer parties are incomplete without the quintessential mojito. Give traditional mojito a delicious twist by adding a splash of this soft beverage. To make this cocktail, muddle fresh mint leaves in a jar, add coconut water, lime juice and white rum. Stir, and serve in cocktail glasses topped with ice cubes.

Besides a variety of liquors, beer and wines, a well-stocked bar requires juices, mixers and bar supplies to make it complete. Shop for your favorite brand of this tropical fruit beverage by searching Drizly in your city and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.