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Bang Frose Rosé Energy Drink*Packaging may vary

Bang Frose Rosé Energy Drink

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United States

Product description

In case rosé-flavored gummy bears, ice cream, and seltzer haven't satisfied your rosé-all-day-needs, there's now a rosé-flavored energy drink to boost your energy while simultaneously making you feel like you're drinking wine. If you're an energy drink fan and the kind of person who gets sleepy after one glass of vino, it's basically a magical elixir. "Frosé Rosé," a new flavor by Bang Energy, is available now at The Vitamin Shoppe and on the energy drink company's website. Per the company, one serving of the drink provides 300 mg of caffeine—about the same as a grande cup of Starbucks' Pike Place coffee, for reference. The drinks have no sugar, calories, fat, or carbs, and are made with carbonated water, natural flavors, creatine, and sucralose, an artificial sweetener. A can contains half the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C and 25% of the daily recommended Vitamin B6 and B12.

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