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All about soda, water, & soft beverages

Hydrate with soft drinks

Soft drinks provide significant possible benefits, ranging from keeping the body cool to sustaining body energy levels. Whether you're looking for taste satisfaction, pure hydration or energy boosts, there is a vast selection of soda and other beverages to ensure you're in good condition to perform tasks.

Soft beverages for breakfast

Milk is rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamins B12 and D and riboflavin to help provide you with a good nutritional start to the day. The antioxidants in tea may accelerate the burning of fats in the body to produce extra fuel for improved muscle endurance. Meanwhile, coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine that provides temporary satisfaction and energy. It helps improve concentration for work and school. If there is no time to make a hot beverage, dilute orange juice with sparkling water and enjoy with some healthy snacks for energy to make it through to the next meal.

Soft beverages for refreshment

Energy drinks may contain high levels of calories to provide a boost in endurance levels. Some contain folic acid and vitamin C to give a boost of nutrition before and after performing energy-intense activities. Carbonated sparkling water has limited amounts of salt to enhance the taste and make drinking water more enjoyable. Club soda is sugar-free and a viable alternative to enjoy a refreshing carbonated soft drink while reducing caloric intake.

Benefits of soft beverages

Some beverages contain active ingredients that may help certain health conditions. Consider the non-calorie soda and sparkling beverages, such as diet soda, if you have to limit your calorie intake. They contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar to produce a crisp, refreshing beverage with limited calories.

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