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More About New York Seltzer

Looking to quench your thirst with a retro throwback that's actually good for you? Founded in 1981, Original New York Seltzer was a groundbreaking brand that focused on a natural approach to soft drinks. The formula shunned preservatives in an era when chemical additives were the “in" thing to market. Hey, it was the 80s!

Original New York Seltzer opted to forego artificial colors, resulting in flavors like peach, root beer and raspberry without the dizzying array of hues. As a result, the brand's motto became “The Choice is Clear." Sadly, the seltzer disappeared in the 90s, along with a litany of bad hairstyles, but fans never forgot their beloved clear beverage. The drink was rediscovered in 2013 when a new owner purchased the original bottling factory and discovered the old recipes. Original New York Seltzer got a new lease on life.

Whether you want to sip a delightful seltzer on the rocks or add some flavor and carbonation to your own cocktail concoctions, Original New York Seltzer is the never-fail option. Mix the peach flavor with bourbon, citrus juice and vanilla simple syrup for a refreshing late-summer cocktail, or serve frothy adult root beer floats at your next party. The possibilities are endless.