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Drizly Pro Tips | DIY Beer Bug Spray

We've all been there. Hanging out at a BBQ, beer in hand, enjoying time with friends then suddenly – it happens. The mosquitos. They buzz, they bite and they don't let up. Lucky for you, we've discovered a pretty nifty concoction (involving beer) that scares those suckers away instantly.

Here's what you need:

Big bottle of cheap blue mouthwash
3 cups of Epsom salt
3 stale 12 oz cans of light beer

Mix the ingredients together until all of the salt is dissolved, then pour into a spray bottle and spray around the area you'll be occupying outside. Whether it's around the pool, the fire pit or just your back deck area, this handy mixture gets rid of those pesky bugs for weeks. Yup. You heard that right, you could basically be bug free for the summer. Best part is, it doesn't effect your plants AND it even smells minty fresh. To state the obvious- we don't recommend spraying your body with this. Spray on the ground and area around people only.