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Drizly Connect

Drizly Connect FAQ's

What Is Drizly Connect?

Drizly still offers the same on demand service that you love with thousands of products delivered to your door in less than an hour, but we also now have several thousand more items available for scheduled delivery in select locations.  It's perfect for tracking down those hard-to-find products you love or discovering something completely new.  Drizly Connect is currently available in Boston and Washington, DC but we hope to offer it more broadly soon.

What products are available through Drizly Connect?

Significantly expanded selection for beer, wine, and liquor is now available through Drizly Connect. Users in Boston and Washington, DC can choose from thousands of additional wine and liquor options, as well as hundreds of craft beer choices.

Additionally, Drizly Connect includes an expanded selection of “extras," including juices, mixers, and other party supplies.

When can Drizly Connect orders be delivered?

The actual delivery of Drizly Connect products to your door can be scheduled for any of the regular store delivery hours, however these items require a slightly longer lag time between order submission and delivery. Orders placed before 4:30 pm will be available for delivery as soon as the next business day.

Your delivery time options will be shown to you within the checkout process if your address is eligible for Drizly Connect. Additionally, feel free to contact us for more details.

Can I send Drizly Connect products as gifts?

Yes! Drizly Connect is a great choice for sending a unique beer, wine, or liquor gift that your recipient can't find at the local retail store. If the person receiving the gift order lives in a Boston or Washington, DC location covered by Drizly Connect, gift away!

Can Drizly Connect orders be combined with on-demand orders?

Yes! If your order includes both on-demand products and Drizly Connect products, you will be given the option to combine them into one scheduled delivery on a future day. Alternatively, you can have the on-demand products delivered as soon as within one hour and schedule the special order Drizly Connect items to be delivered later.

How do I know if an item is available for immediate delivery or later scheduled delivery?

After clicking through to a product page for an item you're interested in purchasing, the options for soonest delivery time will be displayed next to the "Add to cart" button. These products can be delivered after the displayed time as well.

Additionally, there are filters available on the left side of the category page that allow you to filter down the items you see based on delivery availability; Now, Today, Tomorrow or Later, so you'll be able to shop all items available within your schedule.