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Staff PickDon Julio 1942

Don Julio 1942

Prices from: $94.99 - $229.99
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Product Description

Don Julio 1942 is the top shelf of the top shelf in the world of tequila. It's so high up there you might even need a ladder to get it down. But once you do, you'll get a chance to taste one of the world's best tequilas. Made and named in tribute to Don Julio Gonzalez's first year as a distiller, it's a type of anejo that's between the regular and extra anejo, keeping its rich amber color and balanced taste, and allowing it to have its own identity. Tequila connoisseurs appreciate this type of tequila, and it makes a perfect gift for weddings, house warmings or business partners. To separate Don Julio 1942 from the company's other offerings, it's handmade in small batches with each process carefully analyzed and inspected for quality. Not even the most diehard fantasy football player puts as much time into their craft as this. Each batch is aged at least two and a half years in oak barrels, one year longer than most of the other tequilas. This allows Don Julio 1942 to get extra color and tastes you wouldn't normally find. The brilliant golden amber hue hints at the rich caramel and chocolate nose of the drink, but a sip reveals vanilla, oak and roasted agave flavors. Once you've had time to let that sink in, you still get a long, smooth finish with lingering oak and vanilla that seems to last for hours. Don't let ice sully this one either. Don Julio 1942 is best out of a snifter at room temperature.

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