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Update on COVID-19

With the recent news about COVID-19, we wanted to let you know what we're doing to keep our community, partners and customers like you safe. We are committed to being there for you when it matters and to supporting our retail partners who are open for business on Drizly. Please know we are taking precautions advised by public health officials and we are partnering with retailers to promote healthy delivery practices.

Making safe deliveries

  • Outside deliveries. We encourage you and your driver to designate a spot outside your house/building to complete the delivery. Feel free to put specific requests in the notes section during checkout. We've encouraged our partners to contact you for instructions before the delivery. Please note that for legal and other safety reasons, deliveries do still need to be made in person and to a residential or corporate address.
  • Contactless ID scanning: While you will still need to present your ID, we've encouraged drivers to scan your ID without touching it. Please simply hold up your ID for your driver to scan.
  • Eliminating customer signatures: We have requested that our retail partners forego the need for you to sign the driver's device. Note that we are working with our partners to implement this change and that decisions to require or not require signatures may still be made at the retailer level. Some drivers may ask you to bring a pen and sign a paper receipt. Please have patience with your driver as we work to make this change as quickly as possible.

How else you can help

Please politely avoid direct hand contact with drivers, as well as practice overall good hygiene as advised by the CDC.

Note that many people will be spending more time at home in the coming weeks and delivery demand has accelerated significantly. Our retail partners are doing everything they can to get your deliveries to you as quickly as possible, but we do ask for your understanding in the case of any unexpected delays due to a higher order volume. As always, please feel free to give them a tip and an extra thank you for their hard work.

Please note, if you or someone in your home is sick and/or quarantined, we respectfully ask that you do not place an order during this time.

We will continue to closely monitor updates from the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) for their assessments on the outbreak and will keep you in the loop on any updates or changes. If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you – you can let us know here.