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Cool Summer Refreshment 

If you haven't already heard, summertime is finally here. (Not to sound too dramatic, but we've been counting down the days since Christmas.) There's just something undeniably magical about the long, warm days and late, carefree nights of summer. Plus, summer occasions call for chilled cans of refreshment in your hand. Here are 4 of our all-time favorite easy-packing beverages you can bring wherever the season takes you.

High Noon Sun Sips

Four words for you: Real. Vodka. Real. Juice. High Noon Sun Sips have everything you'd want in a summertime hard seltzer. We're talking crisp refreshment with no added sugar, 100 calories, plus it's available in 4 different flavors—pineapple, watermelon, black cherry and grapefruit. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

Dark Horse Rosé

Whether or not you've already enjoyed Dark Horse Rosé from the bottle, sipping from the can is a completely new experience. No corkscrews, no glasses—just a satisfying hiss when you pop open the tab on your own personal can of dry, crisp Rosé. Not into pink drink? Try a can of Dark Horse Pinot Grigio instead and savor the crisp, citrusy taste as you soak up some summer sun.

Barefoot Spritzers

These bright, delicious wine spritzers make a perfect pairing to any summer day. From sweet Moscato to Crisp White, Summer Red to Red Sangria and crisp Rosé—you'll never run out of fun options to keep your ice cooler fully stocked. A little bit of fizz, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of refreshing taste!

Bartles & Jaymes Wine Coolers

Not only do these cans sport an awesome new look, but they also pack unique (and remarkably delicious) flavors including Watermelon & Mint, Grapefruit & Green Tea, Cucumber & Lime, Ginger & Lemon. Our advice? Give each flavor a try! You're sure to find your new favorite bev-in-a-can when you try these delectable wine coolers.
Dark Horse Frosé

Dark Horse Frosé

  • wine

Rosé: the drink of summer. And spring. And fall. And maybe winter, we're not judging. Whether you are looking to cool down on a hot summer day, for a reason to break out the blender, or just need any excuse to sip some rosé, we're here to help. Try this delicious frosé with a pomegranate twist and feel refreshed, no matter the season.

Sunset Sangria

Sunset Sangria

  • sangria

Give your senses a push in the hammock with this juicy Sunset Sangria!