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All about perry

What is perry?

Perry is an alcoholic drink where fermented pears are the primary ingredient. Perry uses a distinct variety of pears that are small and hard, different from the traditional dessert pears. There's often some confusion between pear cider and perry, which are two different products. Perry has a complex flavor that tastes like a subtle white wine. Perry has a lower alcohol content compared to beer and is a gluten-free option for those with gluten intolerance.

The differences between perry and pear cider

Pear cider is different from perry, and it features apple cider with pear juice adding a hint of subtle sweetness. It has a refreshing flavor with complex flavor notes of pears and apple. This variety of cider has a dry flavor and fragrant aroma that complements cooked fish in a mildly-flavored creamy sauce.

Orange cider is essentially cider that features orange zest or peels along with warm spices for a delicious drink that warms you up on a chilly winter evening. If you love to savor seasonal flavors, try out the variety of seasonal beers and ciders such as tropical or fruit-flavored beers during summer or spiced pumpkin beers during the fall.

Food pairings with perry

When matching foods with perry, think of the different styles of perry. Drier varieties taste like dry white wine that pair with seafood such as fishcakes or fish pie. Delicately flavored chicken dishes such as chicken salads and creamy chicken pie also complement the mild flavor of dry perry. Sweeter perry is like a dessert wine, which you can pair with rustic puddings and pies such as apple or pear tart and panna cotta. Sparkling perry is great to serve with party snacks such as cheese or fish and chips.

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