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All About Citizen Cider

A dynamic, fulfilling hard cider fresh from Vermont is something everyone can get “excidered" about! Citizen Cider has been selling out of its hard cider ever since founders Justin Heilenbach, Kris Nelson and Bryan Holmes pressed and fermented their first apple concoction. Year-round offerings include the likes of The Dirty Mayor, which offers ginger hints that pair nicely with fried chicken and Asian cuisine; Unified Press with its off-dry, crisp and gluten-free character; The Lake Hopper, a nontraditional dry-hopped cider; and Wit's Up, a craft-cider classic in the making. Citizen Cider's Origin Series captures a range of flavors from aromatic basil to tart cherry. You can even order a Mr. Burlington or Ms. Burlington to show just how gentlemanly or ladylike you really are. The brand also features a Rosé line that marries apples with locally sourced fruit to create unique flavors you can't find anywhere else outside of Vermont. When you crave a cider made from real ingredients, not concentrates, sourced directly from local farmers, Citizen Cider is the ethical (and delicious) choice you've been waiting for.