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All About Cider

How the experience of stepping on crunchy autumn leaves got into a glass is one of life's great mysteries, but when the result tastes like cider, stop asking questions and open another!

This crisp, refreshing beverage, made from fermented apple juice, has recently exploded in popularity. Much like wine, still and sparkling options are available, and flavor can range from dry to sweet depending on the variety. Given its broad appeal, hard cider is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world.

In fact, did you know that hard cider was the drink of the pilgrims? That's right, they weren't as prim and proper as some would believe. Water was potentially lethal to early settlers, so passing up cider was a risk few were willing to take. And we can't blame them!

Types of Hard Cider:

Cider can be categorized based on its origin, such as English cider, but in recent years, American cider producers have experimented with styles, resulting in regional types. These include:

  • Dry cider — offers a pronounced acidity and thinner body with less than 0.5 percent residual sugar.
  • Off-dry cider — offers slightly more body and a smoother mouthfeel than dry cider with 1 to 2 percent residual sugar.
  • Semi-dry and semi-sweet cider — any ciders above 2 percent residual sugar fall into this category; expect pronounced apple flavors, a solid body and expert blending for cocktails.
  • Farmhouse cider — natural cider with an earthier flavor profile fermented with wild yeast for higher alcohol by volume.

Mixing Cider in Cocktails:

After you pick the pieces of your brain off the floor (cuz we blew your mind, you see), try a cider cocktail. The crisp taste works well in all sorts of drinks. You can always experiment on your own, but to start, we'd recommend Shark Bite and Bourbon Ginger Cider. If you prefer a fruit-forward drink, try the Pom Pomme with its blend of pomegranate and apple flavors.

Ideal Serving Temperature:

Very cold (35-40 degrees).

You can also drink hard cider warm, depending on the brand and type. English cider, in particular, is traditionally served warm.

Suggested Glassware:

Try an oversize wineglass or pint glass.

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