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All About Cider

How the experience of stepping on crunchy autumn leaves got into a glass is one of life's great mysteries. But when the result tastes like cider, stop asking questions and open another. The crisp beverage, made from fermented apple juice, has recently exploded in popularity. Much like wine, still and sparkling options are available and flavor can range from dry to sweet depending on the variety.

Cider. In Cocktails:
After you pick the pieces of your brain off the floor (cuz we blew your mind, you see), try a cider cocktail. The crisp taste works well in all sorts of drinks. You can always experiment on your own, but to start we'd recommend Shark Bite and Bourbon Ginger Cider.

Ideal Serving Temperature:
Very cold (35-40 degrees)

Suggested Glassware:
Over-sized wine glass or pint glass
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