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All About Canadian Whisky

Turns out Canadians like to keep their whiskeys light. Maybe because they're so polite. They wouldn't dream of overwhelming your palate. That's not to say Canadian whisky isn't flavorful. On the contrary, it offers an interesting alternative to heavier, more forward whiskeys from the US. Which makes them a great choice for year-round sipping. And unlike the stringent regulations on American whiskeys, the only rule for Canadian whisky is that it must be fermented, distilled and aged in the country.

Is It All Rye?
Short answer: no. Rye was once the prominent grain used in Canadian whisky and people in the northeastern US referred to spirits from their northern neighbors as Rye to distinguish it from homegrown spirits. By law, Canadian whisky can be labeled Rye Whisky. But unlike in America, Canadian distillers can use any number of grains in any number of grain combinations. These days, they're just as likely, if not more so, to use corn than rye.

How to Drink It:
Because most Canadian whisky brands are lighter than their American counterparts, they're perfect for mixing in any and every whisky-based cocktail you could imagine.
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