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Top Shelf Blogger: Bourbon and Goose


Always on the go, Sam and Marissa decided it was essential to document their journeys so when they get old and can't remember they'll be able to peruse their online scrapbook of awesomeness aka the blog. Crazy to think that 2 years later their online scrapbook would grow into a photo studio located in Downtown Los Angeles where Sam and Marissa get to bring their ideas to life AND get to assist others in making their own creative endeavors a success. If that wasn't enough, the B&G Studio has also become their clubhouse for the LA meet-ups they created: #happyhourclub and Beer Me Exchange. Bourbon and Mezcal are among this duo's favorite spirits, especially Bulleit Bourbon


Ready for a refresh? Then try the Franklin: created with fresh green juice, blood oranges, red pears and Art in the Age's Rhubarb Tea it will have you transported to it's namesake in the heart of Los Angeles, Franklin Village. Where green juice is king but so is their love of crafted spirits!