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All About Blush & Rosé Wine

Rosé All Day. Yes Way Rosé. Bro-sé. Embrace them. On a technical level, the pink stuff is the bridge between white and red wine. But that's not important. Because this is: Rosé is less a wine and more a life philosophy. It's like if red wine chilled out, literally and figuratively. Because it's served cold, you see. It's why rosé is best suited for backyards, lazy Sundays and sleeve-optional gatherings of any kind.

But Seriously. What Is It?
Alright, fine. Clearly you're not going to worship at the Church of Rosé without asking questions. Since you must know, any of your favorite red wine grapes can be used to create pink drink. But rosé wines ferment while touching the grape skins for a few hours, as opposed to days or weeks for red wines. Grape skin gives wine its color, so cutting the exposure short is what causes the pink hues. The chill vibes that come with rosé remain an inexplicable gift from the pink god, though.

Food Pairings:
A glass of rosé improves every aspect of your life, so why would food of any kind be different? It's not. But, if we had to choose a few standouts, we'd go with these: pasta salad, charcuterie, fish tacos and gazpacho.
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