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Best Drinks To Pair With Your Beach Vacation

The rain has stopped summer is finally here. As you plot your summer getaways, we've done your research for you in how to stock your cooler depending on where you are headed this summer.

Jersey Shore | Spiked Seltzer

Getting your drink on at the Jersey Shore is serious business and takes careful strategery. Whatever you consume has to fuel your buzz, but not drag you down so that you sleep through the night's shenanigans. We suggest Spiked Seltzer. Low in sugar and light on calories it's a great way to get your drink on while getting to keep your beach bod looking on point.

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The Hamptons | Archer Roose Rosé

With their name and logo inspired by the iconic chronicler of New York's social scene, Archer Roose is sure to fit right in in the Hamptons. Their dangerously delicious Rose' sourced from Coteaux D'Aix en Provence has the pedigree you crave, but is also light and crisp enough to begin sipping at 11 AM when your beach day starts but flavorful enough to fuel your late-night adventures. Best part? It comes in 250ml cans (beautiful, sleek and perfect for the beach) as well as 3L boxes (perfect for wine pong or to keep the party going.) That's some Splendory without Snobbery.

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Cape Cod | Farmer Willie's Ginger Beer

Founded by a Farmer and his two compatriots, Farmer Willie's Ginger Beer is a low in alcohol beer alternative to sip on the beach as you swelter. Its effervescence on your tongue, and lemony ginger taste will keep your thirst quenched all summer long. You'll love this “ginger with soul."

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Shelter Island | Fishers Island Lemonade

Danger Zone! This delectable concoction of whiskey, vodka and real lemonade began behind at one of Fisher's Island's most iconic spots. Now available in a 12 oz can, this is the perfect cocktail to sip on the beach as you island hop. The family's secret recipe is very good, so be sure to bring some cups of ice to dilute it in case you decide to pair it with a swim.

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Kick back and relax with these drinks.

Shark Attack Shots

Shark Attack Shots

  • tequila

No need to clear the beach for these sharks. The bite of coconut tequila combines with sugary sweet shark gummies in these tropical Jell-O shots. The only thing dangerous about these tasty treats is how easy they go down. Enjoy responsibly!