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The Best Beers for Pairing with Pizza

Nothing goes together quite like pizza and beer. The cheesy, doughiness of the pie combined with the refreshing flavor of a cool brew makes it a top-notch combo for any casual night. What's better, is that every pizza has that one particular beer that it accompanies best. We're all about celebrating the perfect food to drink match, so of course we couldn't resist mixing up a list of perfect pizza & beer pairings for you.
Margherita Pizza

Pair With: Pilsners like Goose Island Four Star Pilsner

The go-to flavor for many die-hard New Yorkers, this 'pie' is a study in simplicity, so it's only natural to pair with a refreshing yet low intensity beer like a Pilsner. Pilsners are malt-forward, meaning their bready flavors compliment the crust of this pizza while they have a strong bitter finish that helps cut some of that fattiness of the cheese (hey, we never said this was healthy). Goose Island Four Star Pilsner is a great example of a Pilsner, with hoppy herbal notes to complement the basil, a staple topping for this style pizza.

For that friend who studied abroad for that one “life-changing" semester in Italy…

Pepperoni Pizza

Pair With: Lager like Stella Artois

It comes as no surprise that pepperoni is one of the most popular toppings in America. Pepperoni adds a nice kick of spice to this pizza, making it the perfect partner for a light malty beer like Stella Artois. With some bitterness and a crisp finish, this European style lager fits the bill perfectly.

For the buddy who likes to live dangerously (except for when ordering pizza)…

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Pair With: Amber Lagers like Blue Point Toasted Lager

Buffalo Chicken pizza seeks to please with its concentric circles of spicy, hot sauce and mouth cooling ranch dressing. To stop the burn, we recommend a caramel-y, nutty flavored and low ABV beer. Too much alcohol will accentuate the pizza's heat, while the caramel malt will complement the breaded fried chicken. Blue Point Toasted Lager, an Amber style lager, has the right amount of malt and slight fruity notes from the lager yeast to stand up on its own against the ragin' buffalo.

For the friend who has hot sauce in their bag at all times (we see you Bey)

Meatlovers Pizza

Pair With: Belgian Witbier like Hoegaarden

A Meatlovers pizza lives by the rule that 'more IS more'. While the actual kinds of meat toppings you will see on this style pizza may vary, our favorites are italian sausage and of course pepperoni. We'd pair this pizza with something a bit tart, a bit refreshing and with some spices to cut the fattiness. A Belgian Witbier such as Hoegaarden is a natural choice. Belgian Witbiers are made with coriander and orange peel that will accentuate the natural sweetness of pork and complement the spicy pepperoni.

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Hawaiian Pizza

Pair With: West Coast Style IPA like Blue Point Mosaic Session IPA

Love it or hate it, this polarizing topping style is a staple in most pizzerias. A strange but magically harmonious combination of tangy, sweet pineapple and salty ham works best with a hoppy IPA. Sticking to the warm west coast theme, Blue Point's Mosaic IPA is the perfect compliment to the tropical toppings. The fruity notes of American Mosaic hops pair nicely with the pineapple while their hint of bitterness cuts the saltiness of the ham. Aloha!

For friends who are dreaming of a tropical getaway...

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