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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Variety Pack Beer

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      All about variety pack beer

      What’s a variety pack?

      A variety pack is a bundle of beers designed to appeal to multiple tastes and vibes. You’re giving a brewery more than one chance to thrill you. Beer has so many possibilities these days that picking a six-pack of a single style can be a gut-wrenching decision. What if it’s not your thing? Variety packs take some of the sting out of that choice by letting you get your hands on a smattering of brands in a single package.

      What kinds of variety packs are available?

      The most common type of variety pack is still a mix of the brewery’s core brands. These are the beers that sell best for them and make up their identity. In other words: beers that they think you can count on. Take to the porch with the Pilsner. Not completely on board with the IPA? You might fall in love with the Belgian Wit. Maybe the brown ale will be your surprise favorite. Maybe you’ll have the American Pale Ale with dinner and the Russian Imperial Stout with dessert. You’ve got options.

      In addition to the core brands package, breweries also tailor their variety packs to particular types of beer. You’ll see packs focusing on IPA, Belgians, and of course seasonal styles. If you love Pumpkin ale, but only in miniscule amounts, you might want to grab it as part of a fall variety pack.

      When to grab a variety pack

      Variety packs are a great way to acquaint yourself with a new brewery without having to buy more beer than you want. You don’t want your beer gathering dust, of course. They’re also a diplomatic way to accommodate friends who can’t agree on anything – beer included.

      Some of the more specialized variety packs also offer the chance to geek out on a certain style. IPA packs contain all kinds of hoppy treasures and you can even zero in on a certain hop varietal. Maybe you love Mosaic, maybe Citra or Simcoe. Find what’s right for you with a seasonal pack!

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