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All About Thai Beers

While some places in the world have been brewing for hundreds or even thousands of years, Thailand's beer history is relatively short. The first brewery opened its doors less than a century ago, a mere wink of an eye in beer time, back in 1933. Boon Rawd Brewery began with, and still makes, Singha, pronounced "sing."

Not only is Singha Thailand's oldest brew, it's arguably the most famous. It's a classic pale lager that's brewed from 100% barley malt. It's refreshing and flavorful, with a slightly bitter hoppy finish. It packs a heavier ABV punch than most lagers.

As equally tasty is Chang. This beer has a strong global reputation, possibly due to a clever marketing move — Chang's name and its iconic "twin elephants" logo. Chang is a bit lighter-tasting than Singha while about equal in alcohol content. When pairing with food, some folks consider Chang a better fit as it tends not to overpower the taste of the food like Singha might.

Other Thai beers of note include Leo Super, Kloster, Thai Amarit Bangkok and Phuket Lager, pronounced "pooh-khet". While microbreweries in Thailand are technically against the law, there's a powerful underground movement that seeks to change this. Beer lovers need not fear — Thailand's mainstream brews are still highly enjoyable. Whether you're looking for a refreshing brew to cool down with on a hot day, or want something delectable paired with your home-cooked meal, these Thai beers are sure to fit any need.