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About Weyerbacher

When it comes to beer, we love the extreme — and Weyerbacher definitely brings it. With huge flavors, envelope-pushing ABVs and delightfully crazy names, Weyerbacher has been taking beer over the edge for well over two decades. Weyerbacher Brewing Company got its start back in 1995 thanks to beer pioneers Dan and Sue Weirback. They obtained an old livery stable in Easton, Pennsylvania and took their long-enjoyed love of homebrewing to a commercial level. In response to the explosive popularity of their offerings, they've since expanded into a 30,000-square-foot space. Weyerbacher doesn't stop once they've finished crafting their big-flavor brews. For example, their Blithering Idiot barleywine ale is already intense, clocking in at a hefty 11.1% ABV and boasting fruity notes of dates and figs. However, some batches are then aged in whiskey barrels, adding oak and vanilla to the tasting profile, and Insanity is thus created. Weyerbacher brews are so intense in flavor, most should be enjoyed in a wine glass or brandy snifter to allow for full appreciation of the aroma. Browse an extensive menu of Weyerbacher beers that includes Sunday Morning Stout, Cinnsanity, Merry Monks, Sunday Mole Stout and their infamous QUAD with its 11.8% ABV. Cheers!