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All about rye beer

What is rye beer?

As its name implies, rye beer is a beer made from rye. The style of brewing is pretty much the same as with regular beer, but since the ingredients are different, it brings a difference in its taste and texture. Brewers use rye, which is similar to wheat, as a malt component while making beer. It gives the beer a rounded, grainy taste. Like regular beer, its alcohol content varies from one brewer to the other. There are no laws that state how much rye they should add in beer. While some of them have just a small percentage of rye in their malt, others use more than 50% rye.

Rye beer characteristics

Darker rye beers can have low roasted malt flavors of cocoa or aromatic flavors of caramel and toffee. Hop flavors are low to medium, and the bitterness is also low to medium. This beer can use lager or ale yeast. Rye adds a pumpernickel bread character to its flavor. Rye can also make the color darker, and the drink’s color depends on how much rye the brewery adds. Pair this beer with jerk chicken, savory bread pudding and Wensleydale cheese. Rye pale ale typically has low-level fruity esters and low to high carbonation. It has a malty sweetness and a typical rye-like spiciness.

Rye beer in craft brewing

Craft breweries add rye in pale ales, India pale ale (IPA) beers and stouts. They also add it to pilsners and lagers. Typically, you can call a beer a rye beer if it has a significant quantity of rye in the grains used and rye flavors predominate. Brewers use rye in craft beers as it adds more dimension and flavor to the style of beer. As more brewers experiment with them, there are chances of rye showing up in specialty beers and alternatives categories.

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