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Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee*Packaging may vary

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee

Malt Liquor /5% ABV / United States

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Product details

Malt Liquor
United States
Calories per Serving (12 oz)
Carbs per Serving (12 oz)
Tasting Notes
Coffee, Creamy, Smooth, Vanilla
Food Pairing
Dessert - Chocolate & Coffee, Dessert - Vanilla & Caramel
Suggested Glassware
Pint Glass
Suggested Serving Temperature
35-40° F

Product description

For when you want coffee. And alcohol. A sweet and creamy coffee latte with 5% ABV and a hint of vanilla flavor. Pour over ice and enjoy.

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Community reviews

4.6181 Reviews
  • Griffin
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    It tastes like chocolate milk. Sooo good

  • Scott
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I hope they continue making these, they're like a hard Yoo-hoo. Amazing and refreshing.

  • Wayne Gerichten.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I have been looking everywhere for this discontinued drink, that was still in stock at surf liquors in Seaside Heights… This site help me locate and find what I was looking for… Thank you

  • Kristen

    Although this taste just fine on its own, I mixed this with some caramel, Twix powder and dash of creamer. I swear it tasted just like one of the coffees from Starbucks now! I’ll be getting me a few more cases tomorrow because I have found me something I can actually enjoy when I feel the need to have a drink. By the way, I’m the pickiest person when it come to alcohol

  • Edward
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Box damaged

  • Lillian
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    This legit tastes like one of those frappacino drinks from the grocery store (but make it brunch). My bf, dad, and I tried it and all loved it so much we went back for more. This definitely packs a bigger punch than you’d expect so drink responsibly ?. I received cash back for this purchase in exchange for an honest review

  • Nancy

    This is a great thing to make into a recipe. Or anything that you need it for. Definitely recommend jersey for all your delivery. Just taking county have to be there even before the time that is specifically said they will be there before that.

  • Jessica
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    The initial smell of this beverage threw me off. The smell is weird. Upon drinking it though it was surprising. It was very light weight and vanilla and sweet and flavor. It didn’t have the robust Ness of a coffee. However it was tasty. It kind of reminds me of a chocolate coffee type of thing going on. What I buy this again yes. However I would have to be craving coffee sugar alcohol.

  • Thomas
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Again COLD! Can't go wrong with Ice Coffee

  • Dayna
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    It’s really good drink. I could only have one in one sitting. It’s definitely something to help get something a little sweet in your mouth if you were having dessert. I used my snickers creamer for a sweeter taste. It really help with just having that regular coffee taste. I received this complimentary through influenster and Pabst Blue Ribbon



Anyone who has attended college in the last decade or so is no doubt familiar with one of the most recognized malt liquors — Smirnoff Ice; an internet meme inspired a viral game called “icing” in which an unsuspecting partygoer discovers a hidden Smirnoff Ice and then must immediately drink the whole bottle. Like Smirnoff Ice, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Four Loko, Malt liquors are a college party staple, mainly because of their affordability, high alcohol content and dozens of flavors. Despite its name, malt liquor is not, in fact, a liquor, rather, brewers craft malt liquor varieties using a near-identical process to beer; the main difference is the increased addition of sugars, lending to the malt liquor’s high ABV.
There isn’t really a one-size-fits-all answer when describing a malt liquor’s taste profile; while malted barley serves as the beverage’s base, the malt characteristics are mostly stripped out, leaving a pretty neutral, albeit sweet, spirit. Malt liquor brewers then lean on the residual sugars and imbue all kinds of fruit flavors into the final products, stocking shelves with names like Pomegranate Fusion, Green Apple Bite and Arctic Berry. There are some more mild malt liquor staples, including the popular Mickey’s or Colt 45s, that stay truer to their beer cousins; these varieties still deliver on sweetness but maintain some bitterness and grain flavor.
In the mid-20th century, brewers sought to compete with the more popular liquor market of the times; by filtering a beer’s malted barley base and increasing the sugar content (through additives like corn, rice and straight-up sugar), they were able to craft a product with a much higher ABV than the standard American beers. Today, most malt liquors fall between 5-9% alcohol by volume, with some even reaching the double digits. It’s not always the case though; several of the better-known brands, like Smirnoff Ice and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, are more similar to the classic American lagers, reporting slightly lower alcohol contents between 4-5%.
If you’re opting for one of the party-favorite malt liquors, like a can of 14% ABV Blue Razz Four Loko, the proper food pairing is likely a handful of Cool Ranch Doritos; but seriously, there are some tips to finding foods that pair well with malt liquor. Stay away from some of the more wildly flavored options, and instead select a mild malt liquor like Mickey’s. Malt liquors present with a distinct sweetness, but are otherwise not too complex; these characteristics allow you to sample foods that possess plenty of flavor on their own, most notably oysters and other briny shellfish.
In many cases, malt liquor is preferably enjoyed directly from the can or bottle (or the 40-ounce bottle many of these beverages are known for), but that doesn’t mean you can’t class it up for your next soiree. Treat malt liquor like you would any light lager — opt for a standard, 16-ounce pint glass with a nice wide rim (maybe even consider placing your glasses in the freezer first). Malt liquor should always be served chilled, which improves its drinkability; generally, if you serve malt liquor super-cold, it’s not only refreshing but will also negate some of the overwhelming sweet qualities in the brew.
Because nutritional content varies dramatically depending on a beverage’s ABV, the range for malt liquor is pretty wide, not to mention that many of them are sold in gigantic portions. A 12-ounce bottle of Smirnoff Ice, at just 4.5% ABV contains about 220 calories and 26 grams of carbohydrates; compare this to a 14% ABV Four Loko which contains closer to 400 calories per 12-ounce serving (though the standard can is closer to two full servings). If you’re seeking a lighter option, veer away from the brands with all the candy-like flavors; more mild malt liquors like Mickey’s, at 5.6% ABV, have just 160 calories and 11 grams of carbohydrates per 12-ounce bottle.

About the brand

Brewed since 1844, Pabst Blue Ribbon has been through many rebirths and reinventions. The brand pushed through Prohibition by selling cheese and lime soda. They're now putting coffee on shelves. Yes, it's alcoholic. And don't worry, they'll always sell beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon believes in challenging the status quo, championing who you are and trying new things. They've remained connected to local communities and continue to engage and support creativity of every kind. All with a Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand – whether that's Original lager, Hard Coffee, Blue Ribbon Whiskey…or something they haven't even thought up yet. When you're 175 years old – you've got to keep things interesting. 

Grabst a Pabst!

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