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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Honey Beer

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    All about honey beer

    What is honey beer?

    With a broad assortment of tastes, honey beer can be light and supple or chewy and viscous. With colors that go from pale to dark, it yields well to diverse brewing styles. One abiding characteristic of this beer is its adaptability to inconsistent proportions of malt, sugar or yeast when beer crafters subject it to experimental methods. The hops added to this aged beer determine its bitterness and is a relative feature of its taste. Brewers can carbonate this beer using many methods, and it can be languid, moderate or rushed. It pairs well with bruschetta, ricotta and lemony or herb-based gelato.

    Honey beer flavors

    The type and time of honey addition make these beers develop their unique aromas and taste. Often misunderstood as being sugary and sticky, they are rather bitter. Earthy, floral or fruity, the honey used in brewing influences the beer's aroma profile. It may evoke scents of orange blossoms, citrusy flowers, dandelions or cactus blooms. It has an alcohol content ranging from 2.5% to about 20%. A higher liquor content is generally a desirable trait in a craft beer. It bears a dry aftertaste and a distinct honey aroma, especially when honey is added during the final stages of brewing.

    Honey beer brewing process

    The sweet beer brewing process begins with honey bees collecting nectar from different landscapes. Whether it is willow, sourwood or spice, the trees lend distinction to honey. As a farm product, the biochemical composition of honey necessitates careful monitoring. If the brewers add to the wort too early, the yeast consumes all the sugary taste and fragrance. If they add it towards the end of the fermentation, the beer preserves the aroma. Yet, rather than producing a thick beer, brewmasters can create a liquor that feels thin on the palate.

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