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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Hard Soda

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      All about hard soda

      What is hard soda?

      Hard soda is flavored craft beer looking for a good time. The robust flavor shakes up an average day by adding some fun. The alcohol content ranges between 4% and 8%, making it a little lower than regular beer but with a flavorful twist. The craze started in 2015 when major breweries like Budweiser and Miller introduced this modern-day wine cooler. Today, the market teems with great brands and flavors like hard seltzer and lemonade. You can also try hard grape soda, orange soda and root beer.

      Hard soda versus beer

      The difference between these two adult beverages is marginal. Soda makers use the same process of fermentation but add additional flavors. Some claim that soda is milder than beer or hard liquor. It's true that the ABV of beer is typically higher, but otherwise, there's not much difference.

      Multiple brands

      Ever since spiked seltzer and craft beer hit the market, everyone wanted a piece of the action. Today, most beer brands produce some type of hard soda, root beer or ginger beer. If you like beer from Leinenkugel (it's just fun to say) or wine from Barefoot, chances are there's a beverage you'll enjoy.

      Enhance celebrations

      There's something about hard soda that makes people want to invite people over or fire up the barbecue. Make it easy to raise a glass by buying multiple flavors or a variety pack that will please everyone's palate, or indulge in a case of your personal favorite.

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