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All About Epic Brewing

California natives Peter Erickson and David Cole have a shared love of many things, mainly great chow and adrenaline-fueled adventures — but above all, they love beer. They opened their own Utah-based aquaculture company in 1992, but when the state's alcohol laws changed in 2008, it allowed them to pursue their true dream. Epic Brewing got its start in Salt Lake City with a humble six fermentation tanks. However, when the awards, accolades and praise from critics began rolling in, the brewery quickly exploded to nearly 10 times its size. After only a few years, a second location, including a tap room, was opened in downtown Denver, Colorado. These expansive facilities are what gives Epic the power to craft the dozens of varieties they produce. Drizly carries a wide line of Epic Brewing offerings that run the gamut from IPAs to lagers to stouts. Check out unique flavors that include peaches, pineapple, raspberries and sour apple. There's even a gluten-free beer — Glutenator — brewed with millet and brown rice. Bottoms up!