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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Fruit Beer

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    All about fruit beer

    The growth of fruit beer 

    Often overlooked by the highest-and-mightiest of suds connoisseurs, fruit beers offer a great variety of complex flavors. Knowing there are endless combinations of fruits and blends, brewers are not afraid to experiment to create the ultimate libation. Some of those brews go down with a lighter, soft-drink kind of feel and flavor that screams summertime fun, while others give off smaller hints of fruit flavors with a bitter or tart aftertaste, ideal for chilly nights around the fireplace.

    As their popularity has grown, so have the number of brewers now including some remarkable fruit flavors in their beers. From big names to hometown breweries, the choices are nearly endless, and the variety available is constantly changing, so there's no chance of boring your taste buds.

    What is a shandy or a Radler?

    Sometimes used interchangeably to describe a blond lager mixed half-and-half with either lemonade or a lemon-lime soft drink, a shandy beer might include different mixes like orange or apple juice or ginger beer, to name a few. Radler beers stay on the more citrusy side.

    What are some types of fruit beers?

    While shandy and Radler beers are popular varieties, fruit lends itself to just about any kind of beer, including ales, India pale ales (IPAs), wheat beers and even sour ales. There is also no limit to the kind of fruit used in beer — everything from apricot to tomato (yes, tomatoes are still fruit) and berry to watermelon.

    Thought by some to be seasonal beers, you'll never run out of opportunities to experiment and share your new favorite mix. Take some time after a long day to appreciate the creativity of a perfectly brewed ale. The complex flavors of fruit beers can also complement any meal. Other fruit types pair perfectly with pork, for instance, while a red or tomato beer may go well with a spicy meal.

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