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Imperial Pilsner

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All about imperial pilsner

What is an imperial pilsner?

Similar to a regular pilsner in looks, imperial pilsners have a maltier taste to them and have a rather intense bitterness. To back up a bit, a pilsner is a beer style originating from the Czech Republic. Pilsners are known for their high carbonation and tangy hops that make for floral aromas and crisp finish. German pilsners, while similar, are lighter in body and flavor.

What makes a beer ‘imperial’?

The term ‘imperial’ runs far past just pilsners. You’ll find imperial stouts and pale ales amongst  your favorite pilsners on beer shelves. But what makes a beer ‘imperial’? The term dates back to the 1800’s for beer that was brewed in England but shipped to Russia for the Russian imperial court. Later on, the term began being used by brewers to identify their luxury beers.

Now, American craft breweries use the term to indicate that the beer is big and bold. That’s because the hops and malts in imperials are doubled or sometimes, even tripled. This results in a beer that has heavy ABV- usually 8-12%.

How to serve

With big ABVs these beers go well with rich, strongly flavored foods.

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