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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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    All you need to know about pilsner lager

    Pilsner is a lager beer different from other beers as it has a combination of varied aromas to offer a bitter, unique and refreshing taste. Pilsner acquires its name from its place of origin, Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, where Josef Groll first brewed it in 1842. This is where the classic Pilsner Urquell, with its balanced aftertaste, is brewed. The beer brands differ in packaging, alcohol percentage, and flavor for people with varied drinking styles.

    The brewing process of the pilsner beer involves the use of European noble hops and bottom fermentation of malted cereal grains. This brewing process also involves high carbonation, which produces a bitter taste unique to pilsner lager. The beer undergoes cold storage before packaging to create a crisp taste.

    The differences between pilsner styles

    The German-style beer differs from the Czech-style pilsner in terms of the color and alcohol content. Germans-style pilsners are lighter with an alcohol percentage of around 5 to produce a rounded mouthfeel. The Czech-style pilsner beers are thick and dense in color with slightly lower alcohol levels. Meanwhile, classic pilsners are more refreshing but delicate. They need optimal storage conditions to maintain their freshness. The imperial pilsners offer more hops and alcohol levels to constitute a modern style but maintain its classic and familiar profile. They keep their bitter taste and floral aromas. Store these beers in a cold environment.

    Multiple serving options with pilsners

    Combine a pilsner lager with a variety of cuisines to discover and experience the refreshing side of the beer’s subtle flavors. The lively carbonation in the lager beers makes them combine well with fatty and meaty meals ranging from Asian, American and African cuisines. Serve it cold and in glassware for the optimal experience. But it’s no crime if you decide to drink the beer directly from the bottle.

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