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India Pale Lager

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All about India pale lager

What is an India pale lager?

India pale lager (IPL) results from a mix of the yeast and brewing methods of lager beers and the large hop amounts of India pale ales (IPAs). They undergo a different fermentation process in comparison to IPAs. Producers ferment the latter at ale temperatures, typically from 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and the former at lager temperatures, from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. IPLs can feature five different hop types, including Citra, Bavaria and Mandarina. This allows the brewers to create unique recipes, much to the delight of India pale lager fans.

An interesting flavor profile

These hoppy lagers are crisp and easy to drink, and they feature notes of grapefruit, tangerine and tropical fruits. They’re a smart choice as an introduction to craft beers when you want to broaden your palate. IPLs tend to form a foamy head, so your best bet is serving them in a pint glass to keep the foam intact. 

Pairing food with India pale lagers

IPL beers’ hoppy bitterness complements the flavor of many different kinds of cheese. For example, it would pair well with an aged asiago. Love cheeseburgers? IPL with a cheeseburger? IPLs are a great match.  IPLs can also complement Indian dishes and basically any other spicy food.

Where do IPLs come from?

During the times of the East India Company, English brewers shipped hoppy beers to the soldiers who were fighting in the South Asian country. That’s why IPA beers have “India” in their name. Since then, this beer style has evolved and became a staple of many craft breweries all around the world. In modern times, after IPAs became popular worldwide, brewers invented IPLs.  

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