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Corona Premier Mexican Lager Light Beer*Packaging may vary

Corona Premier Mexican Lager Light Beer

Light Lager /4% ABV / Mexico

Product Details

Light Lager
Calories per Serving (12 oz)
Carbs per Serving (12 oz)
Suggested Glassware
Pint Glass
Suggested Serving Temperature
35-40° F

Product Description

Corona Premier Mexican Lager Beer is the light beer experience you desire, offering an exceptionally smooth taste with fewer calories than both Corona Extra and Corona Light. This lower-calorie*, lower-carb Corona beer contains just 90 calories per 12 oz serving, but with a flavor that is equally as satisfying. This Mexican lager style beer is made with barley malt, unmalted cereals, hops, and bottom-fermenting yeast. The result is a perfectly balanced and drinkable Corona beer with a touch of sweetness and a clean, pleasantly dry finish. Perfect for pairing with grilled pork and chicken, seafood and shellfish, and other fresh dishes, this imported beer also is the ideal complement to Mexican food. Share this bottled beer with friends on the golf course or with guests at a backyard barbecue, or enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of this light lager cerveza on its own. *Per 12 fl. oz. serving of average analysis: Calories 90, Carbs 2.6 grams, Protein 0.7 grams, Fat 0 grams. Drink responsibly. Corona Premier® Beer. Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL

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Community Reviews

4.8(175 Reviews)
  • Laura K.
    Verified Buyer
    Jan 15 2022
    Verified Buyer

    Joe's favorite beer, we had run out and didn't want to go somewhere just to pick up beer, love this! So convenient!

  • kimmieflies
    Reviewed at
    Dec 30 2021
    Reviewed at

    Great light beer that is also lower in calories and carbs. I enjoyed the flavor, to me it tastes better than the OG corona. I would definitely buy this again, and recommend it to friends.

  • olfranckk
    Reviewed at
    Dec 27 2021
    Reviewed at

    Love it!! It's a great light beer and taste wise it's smooth but sometimes it's does taste a little watery but I still love me some cold Corona!

  • jenniferb604
    Reviewed at
    Dec 25 2021
    Reviewed at

    I prefer this over Corona Light, I like the flavor and it's great on the beach with sunshine and a lime!

  • cynthiac189
    Reviewed at
    Dec 24 2021
    Reviewed at

    In my youth this was my go to beer. Fueled by mexican popularity and how cheap it was how could i not love it....but as i got older and broadened my beer palette i came to a conclusion that corona was not at the top of my list or even a favorite of mine. I was recently handed a corona at a family function and i must say it took effort to finish (i think i also made a face with my initial drink). As with most things in life our preferences change and mine has definitely left corona behind.

  • Kareemah
    Verified Buyer
    Dec 24 2021
    Verified Buyer

    They did not send this

  • eatwithhongie
    Reviewed at
    Dec 24 2021
    Reviewed at

    This is my husbands go to beer. They serve it everywhere so you know you can always get one. We have these at the house all the time. At a lime and boom! Refreshing! He will have one after a long day at work and with his dinner.

  • Kenneth D.
    Verified Buyer
    Dec 22 2021
    Verified Buyer

    My favorite beer

  • Daniel
    Verified Buyer
    Dec 20 2021
    Verified Buyer

    I got corona light

  • karlas194
    Reviewed at
    Dec 18 2021
    Reviewed at

    I seriously should own stock in corona. It's the only beer we buy on a regular basis. It is a staple at my house. I absolutely love it… especially with a lime!



Light beer is a beer (usually, but not always, a pale lager) that has lower calories and alcohol than typical beer. The drop in calories often means light beers have a "lighter" taste as well, but they can be great session beers if you're planning to have more than one.
Some beer snobs will tell you light beers taste like beer-flavored water. It is true that by cutting the calories, you're significantly reducing (or eliminating) things like hops or yeast that bring flavor.
Most light beers have a significantly low alcohol content, with some going as low as 1-2% ABV, but typically 3% - 4%. Compare this with most comparable "regular" beers, which fall in the range of 4% - 5% ABV.