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American-Style Lager

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 All about American style lagers

American style lagers are beers known for their crisp and golden color. Evolved from Czech and German pilsner style beers, these lagers began brewing in the US prior to prohibition, with the influx of German migrants coming to America. Wanting to recreate lagers similar to that of Germany, German brewers had difficulty with the quality level of barley in the US. Rather than importing barley from Germany, they began adding ingredients like rice and corn to the brewpot. And thus, the American style lager was born. Today, these low hop and malt character beers are incredibly popular. They’re naturally pale in color and have an ABV between 3.2-4%. Popular American style lagers known and loved are Coors, Yuengling, and Budweiser.

How to serve

American style lagers are best served cold in a flute glass (the beer kind, not the champagne kind). They're very dynamic, and pair well with a number of foods.  If you’re a cheese person, try brick or different kinds of cheddar. If you want a meal to pair with, try pizza, burgers, and fried foods.

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