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Kellerbier / Zwickelbier

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All about kellerbier

What is kellerbier

First time hearing of kellerbier? No biggie, this beer is pretty rare. Kellerbier, also called zwickelbier, is an old and unique German beer style originating from the Bavarian region, Franconia. Made all the way back in the Middle Ages, kellerbiers are unfiltered and unpasteurized lagers and usually served from a barrel. The term translates literally to “cellar beer,” which is extremely fitting as these beers were originally matured in caves which acted as cellars. Today, they’re matured in deep faults. It’s smooth, and cloudy by nature. Hop level can vary, along with ABV.

What beer style is kellerbier?

Trick question. Kellerbier is actually not a style of beer. It’s a method of making and serving beer (the whole made in a cellar, served in a barrel thing again). So, if you go to a beer garden and get beer from a bottle, it’s called a helles or lager. If you’re at a keller, that exact same beer is called a kellerbier.

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