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All about lager

Lagers are among the most common beers around the world. Many commercial beers are lagers. There is a very wide choice of lagers, and many of them are pretty affordable compared with other types of beer

Most lager beers have crisp and simple flavors. They’re typically more carbonated and less bitter than ales. Their ABV value varies from 4.5% to 13%. Lagers can have bread-like, caramel and floral notes.

How to serve lager

Remember to serve crisp lagers cold, around 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If there’s no glasses available, don't think twice, you can drink them straight from the bottle or can.  For more formal occasions, however, serve them in a pilsner glass.

Lagers are very food-friendly and they pair well with a variety of dishes. Try them with chicken, shellfish, sushi, salmon, grilled pork or light pasta dishes. They’re also delicious with hot dogs and other street foods. If you’re joining an online happy hour, pair your lager with a cheese plate, leaning more toward mild cheeses. These beers also go well with spicy dishes from Southeast Asia and Mexico. The spice in the lager hops slices through the hotness of chilies and peppers and the deliciousness of the lager predominates. 

Lager vs. Pilsner

Did you know that pilsner is a type of lager? Pilsner was born during the Austro-Hungarian Empire era, as a lighter variety of lager. The traditional lager spoiled easily with age, so brewers started to add Saz hops, creating pilsner beers. Pilsner is typically darker than lager and contains more hops. 

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