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All About Dopplebock

Ever drank your dinner, accidentally or otherwise? Then you've got more in common with monks than you think. Dopplebock beer was originally brewed to get Paulaner monks through 40 day Lenten fasts. So it had to be hearty and bold. And is it ever. It has a rich, dark color and an intense, malty sweetness with just a note of hops to balance things out. All that flavor comes with a 7-8% ABV. Possibly to help the monks forget about their fast.

Ideal Serving Temperature:
Warm (55-60 degrees)

Suggested Glassware:

Dopplebocks that are high in alcohol (above 8%) can be stored for 5-10 years, often resulting in increased complexity. Make sure to keep them away from light in a place with consistent humidity and temperatures between 55-60 degrees. Always store beer standing up. When you're ready to finally crack it open, there's no need to refrigerate it in advance. Serve it at the temperature it was stored at.