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Amber / Vienna Lager

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All About Amber/Vienna Lager

You know you love a frosty mug of lager, but what makes it different from other types of beer? Wipe that foam mustache off and pay attention, friend. Simply referring to amber lager as "beer" is like calling an Armani suit "duds." In some places, it's considered an insult, and they will take away your lager as punishment.

Lots to Like About Lager:

The defining feature of lager is that it's conditioned (aged) at very low temperatures. It also utilizes a specific kind of yeast in the brewing process. Some other beers may use lager yeast, but without the cold conditioning, it can't be called a lager.

Before refrigeration existed, clever Germans would dig aging cellars and fill them with ice from nearby rivers and lakes. If you think "beer caves" only exist at the corner market, think again! To further keep these cellars cool, chestnut trees were planted. Their leaves formed a thick canopy for shade, plus their shallow root structures wouldn't intrude upon the caverns. The lager would be served amongst these leafy protectors, eventually morphing into the modern beer garden.

How Is Amber Lager Crafted?

Lagers come in a plethora of hues. Vienna lager falls between the pale and dark lagers. If you suspect that the first one was created in Vienna, you're on the money! Way back in 1841, brewer Anton Dreher crafted the first distinctly amber-colored brew. Amber lager boasts a medium body and distinctly sweet malt flavor. The malt also provides a roasty toasty flavor that beer lovers find irresistible.

Why Buy Amber Lager?

Amber lager is perfect for those who want to avoid the hoppy bite of ales or the blandness of pale lagers. Darker beers can be overwhelming on the palate and heavy on the system. Amber lager is a tasty compromise. Amber lager goes great with food since it doesn't overwhelm the taste of the chow yet still has a distinct flavor all its own. Next time you're dining on street tacos or other high-class Mexican fare, pop open a Negra Modelo or Dos Equis Ambar and you'll see what we mean.